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The KI-ASIC Dataset
  • Daniel Scharf ,
  • Seifeddine Saadani ,
  • Alfred Höß
Daniel Scharf
OTH Amberg-Weiden

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Seifeddine Saadani
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Alfred Höß
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We present a novel dataset captured from a BMW X5 test carrier within the German research project KI-ASIC for use in radar sensor development and autonomous driving research. Our work aims at providing a blueprint for the process of creating labeled datasets for the development of neural networks for pattern recognition in radar data in the automotive environment. With a variety of different sensor types such as wide angle color cameras, a high-resolution color stereo camera, an Ouster OS1-64 laser scanner and three novel Infineon radar sensors, we recorded over 100,000 scenes of real traffic scenarios as well as defined test scenarios with a frequency of 10 Hz. The scenarios in real traffic contain inner-city situations, but also scenes from rural areas with static and dynamic objects. Besides, the defined test scenarios are based on the NCAP scenarios and focus mostly on turning, overtaking and follow-up maneuvers. The data from the different sensors is calibrated, synchronized and timestamped including raw and rectified information. Our dataset also contains labels for all detected objects from a defined class list with distance and angle properties.