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Awesome-META+: Meta-Learning Research and Learning Platform
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  • Jingyao Wang ,
  • Chuyuan Zhang ,
  • Ye Ding ,
  • Yuxuan Yang
Jingyao Wang
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Chuyuan Zhang
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Yuxuan Yang
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Artificial intelligence technology has already had a profound impact in various fields such as economy, industry, and education, but still limited. Meta-learning, also known as “learning to learn”, provides an opportunity for general artificial intelligence, which can break through the current AI bottleneck. However, meta learning started late and there are fewer projects compare with CV, NLP etc. Each deployment requires a lot of experience to configure the environment, debug code or even rewrite, and the frameworks are isolated. Moreover, there are currently few platforms that focus exclusively on meta-learning, or provide learning materials for novices, for which the threshold is relatively high. Based on this, Awesome-META+, a meta-learning framework integration and learning platform is proposed to solve the above problems and provide a complete and reliable meta-learning framework application and learning platform. The project aims to promote the development of meta-learning and the expansion of the community, including but not limited to the following functions: 1) Complete and reliable meta-learning framework, which can adapt to multi-field tasks such as target detection, image classification, and reinforcement learning. 2) Convenient and simple model deployment scheme which provide convenient meta-learning transfer methods and usage methods to lower the threshold of meta-learning and improve efficiency. 3) Comprehensive researches for learning. 4) Objective and credible performance analysis and thinking.