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Outer-Loop Admittance And Motion Control Dual Improvement via A Multi-function Observer
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  • Kangwagye Samuel ,
  • Kevin Haninger ,
  • Roberto Oboe ,
  • Sehoon Oh
Kangwagye Samuel

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kevin Haninger
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Roberto Oboe
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Sehoon Oh
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Safe environment contact and high performance motion control are typically conflicting design goals. Admittance control can improve safety and stability in contact with a stiff environment, but remains challenging on industrial robots.
Typically high-performance motion control is achieved by low-admittance systems, which can give high transient forces or instability in contact with high-stiffness environments.
This paper proposes a linear admittance control framework from which a Multi-function OBserver (MOB)-based control scheme that succeeds in directly improving the motion control accuracy by suppressing disturbances, while achieving better loop shaping in the outer-loop admittance control is developed.
By using the task space force and position measurement of the robot, combined with linearized robot and payload models to design the MOB, the outer-loop controller can render improved interactive dynamics.
In addition, a methodology to design the proposed MOB based on the reduced-order model is developed.
Theoretical evaluations and experiments verify the effectiveness of the proposed MOB-based control method, in contact with an environment stiffness and with a 7~kg payload.
2023Published in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics on pages 1-12. 10.1109/TIE.2023.3317843