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A Novel One-bit Dynamic Quantizer for Event-Triggered Control Systems
  • Dhafer Almakhles ,
  • Mahmoud Abdelrahim
Dhafer Almakhles
Prince Sultan University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mahmoud Abdelrahim
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We investigate the design of quantized event-triggered controllers for LTI systems with unknown initial states. The proposed approach is novel and incorporates interesting features. First, the quantizer that we synthesize is dynamic with exponential behaviour, which enables us to capture the state in a finite time. Second, once the state is captured, the quantization error is guaranteed to remain bounded thanks to the sliding mode feature. Third, the quantizer dynamics only depend on the sign of the quantization error, which allows for one-bit transmission rather than packet-based transmission. Moreover, the event-triggering mechanism that we consider is also dynamic and depends only on locally available information. The overall system is modeled as a hybrid dynamical system and the closedloop stability is investigated using Lyapunov functions. The approach ensures global asymptotic stability property for the closed-loop system. Moreover, Zeno behavior is prevented by means of time regularization techniques. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is illustrated by numerical simulation.