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High-Precision Variable Reluctance Resolver with Segmented Parameter Winding and Magnetic Wedge for New Energy Vehicle Applications
  • Wentao Li
Wentao Li
Shanghai University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The new energy vehicle industry demands higher motor efficiency and control accuracy, but traditional variable reluctance resolvers face issues such as envelope waveform of the output signal, low efficiency in stacked winding, and spatial asymmetry of the two-phase winding when used as a key angle position sensor. To overcome these limitations, this paper presents a new design for high-precision variable reluctance resolvers, called the Segmented Sinusoidal Parameter Winding and Magnetic Wedge Variable Reluctance Resolver (SSPWMW-VRR), for new energy vehicle applications. The SSPWMW-VRR features a printed circuit board (PCB) connection, segmented winding structure, and magnetic slot wedge, which improve the performance and precision of the resolver. Experimental results demonstrate the potential of this design for high-precision applications, such as high-precision motor control systems for new energy vehicles, where accuracy and yield are crucial. Additionally, the new design is easy to manufacture and produce in large quantities, making it suitable for a wider range of applications. This paper provides an overview of the design, experimental verification results, and the potential for the new design to enhance the performance and reliability of variable reluctance resolvers in high-precision applications.