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Mitigating IBR Trips During Grid Disturbances Using Low Risk Control Approaches
  • Dinesh Pattabiraman
Dinesh Pattabiraman
TMEIC Corporation

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Trips of inverter-based resources (IBR) have been observed more commonly during grid disturbance events in power systems. Such events have caused concerns due to the high penetration of IBRs and the magnitude of recent trip events. Inverter trips could potentially compromise system reliability due to loss of generation from resources. In this work, some major causes of inverter trips are explained and the root cause behind these trips are analyzed. While the performance of the inverter can vary with manufacturer, there are some underlying aspects of these trips that could be common to the industry. The link between the trips and resource behavior, physical limits and grid requirements are analyzed. Some approaches to mitigate such trips are proposed and simulation results are presented to validate the approach. The approaches proposed are deemed low risk since the changes proposed are rather simplistic and reduce the risk of inverter reaching a physical limit during grid disturbances.