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On the Shielding Effectiveness of Anti-Electromagnetic-Radiation Clothes for Pregnant Females
  • Fatemeh Dehrouyeh ,
  • Hadi Aliakbarian ,
  • Reza Asadi
Fatemeh Dehrouyeh
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Hadi Aliakbarian
KN Toosi University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Reza Asadi
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Fetal health during pregnancy is one of the most common concerns today. Some of these concerns are due to electromagnetic (EM) radiations. Thus various products are offered to protect the fetus from damage by electromagnetic radiation. One of these products is the Anti-Electromagnetic-Radiation pregnancy band - a shawl-type band which the mother wraps around her belly to protect the fetus against EM radiation. In this paper, the effects of these bands are studied to investigate how effective they are in protecting against electromagnetic waves. In order to show the effectiveness of such bands, different scenarios of using them are considered. By simulating the mother’s belly, it is shown that in some cases, it can have even opposite effects and increase the level of electromagnetic waves. To better illustrate the concept, an exemplary phantom of the mother’s belly is made, and measurements are performed on it. Simulations show that the total average field of all the scenarios in the ideal case where the shielding has no seams, at three main frequencies (0.9, 1.8, and 2.4 GHz), does not decrease more than 30 percent after using these bands, and the maximum electric field increases in more than 90 percent of the considered situations after using the band.