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Development of Polymer-Ceramic Composite Materials for the Winding Insulation of Highly Utilized and Energy-Efficient Electrical Machines
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  • Sören Miersch ,
  • Ralph Schubert ,
  • thomas schuhmann ,
  • Mathias Lindner
Sören Miersch
University of Applied Sciences Dresden

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ralph Schubert
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thomas schuhmann
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Mathias Lindner
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The electromagnetic utilization of an electrical machine can be increased by raising the current density, with a limitation resulting from the maximum permissible temperature of the winding insulation. Conventional insulating materials only have a low specific thermal conductivity, which results in large temperature gradients in the winding cross-section and consequently hotspots. The article presents the development and characterization of ceramic-like composite materials based on filled polysiloxanes for the dip coating of lamination stacks and the impregnation of the winding of electrical machines. The specific equivalent thermal conductivity is determined on composite winding samples, the thermal cycle stability is examined and the microstructure is analyzed with the scanning electron microscope. The manufacturability and the partial discharge behavior are examined based on test samples. The results of tests on an electric traction machine are used to show the potential for increasing the power density.
2023Published in IEEE Open Journal of Industry Applications volume 4 on pages 304-316. 10.1109/OJIA.2023.3309627