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Data Ingestion and Processing using Playwright
  • Mudit Bansal ,
  • Moshin Manzoor Bhat
Mudit Bansal
Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Moshin Manzoor Bhat
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Data scraping has become a critical part of many businesses in the modern world. With the rapid growth of technology and the internet, the ability to gather large amounts of data quickly and accurately is essential. Cyber security is concerned with the protection of data and information, and data scraping has been used to collect and analyse data in order to detect any malicious or suspicious activities. This paper explores the use of the Playwright framework in data scraping for cyber security. This paper investigates the application of Playwright for web scraping and its potential in cyber security. It begins by discussing the challenges associated with data scraping, including the need for accurate and reliable data and the potential for malicious actors to misuse the collected data. It then examines the features of Playwright and its potential for data gathering and analysis. This paper then discusses the various techniques and tools used to implement data scraping with Playwright. Finally, the paper outlines some of the ethical considerations and challenges associated with data scraping and possible features for the future research .