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  • Sai Akshita Veeraboyina
Sai Akshita Veeraboyina
BVRIT HYDERABAD College of Engineering for Women

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The industrial automation robot is a cuttingedge tool that is revolutionizing industrial safety and efficiency. It features advanced sensors such as an LDR, three ultra-sonic sensors, a fire sensor, a gas sensor and a metal sensor. The robot can pick up tiny metal pieces on the floor with a magnet, making it an asset in facilities that handle metal parts. One of the key features of this robot is its connectivity to a Telegram bot. The robot sends alerts to the bot if any abnormal values are detected by its sensors. This real-time monitoring allows for quick and efficient responses to potential hazards. The LDR allows for adaptation to changing light conditions, and the ultrasonic sensors provide 360-degree coverage around the robot, enabling obstacle detection and collision avoidance. The fire sensor and gas sensor ensure a safe working environment by detecting potential hazards, while the metal sensor and magnet make it easy to remove metal debris from the floor. Overall, the industrial automation robot offers unparalleled safety, making it a must-have in any industrial setting.