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Spoiler Deployer
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  • Tejas Rajguru ,
  • Pushkraj Savji ,
  • Sayali Shambharkar ,
  • Dheeraj Shelke
Tejas Rajguru
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Pushkraj Savji
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Sayali Shambharkar
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Dheeraj Shelke
Vishwakarma Institute of technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Engineering has revolutionized many aspects of daily life, including the automotive industry. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of an spoiler deployer for cars. The system uses sensors to detect the vehicle’s speed and automatically deploys the spoiler to improve the car’s stability and reduce the risk of accidents. We describe the system architecture, the hardware components used, and the software algorithms implemented. We also present the results of experiments carried out to test the system’s performance and evaluate its effectiveness in improving the car’s stability. Keywords – IoT, Spoiler Deployer, Sensors, Stability, Automotive Industry.