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Impact of Fringing Field on the Memory Window of FeFET
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  • Athira Sunil ,
  • Maximilian Lederer ,
  • Yannick Raffel ,
  • Franz Müller ,
  • Thomas Kaempfe ,
  • Konrad Seidel ,
  • Sourav De
Athira Sunil
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Maximilian Lederer
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Yannick Raffel
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Franz Müller
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Thomas Kaempfe
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Konrad Seidel
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Sourav De
Fraunhofer IPMS

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In this study, ferroelectric field-effect-transistors (FeFETs) with nitride (SiON) interface having various gate lengths (LG) and gate widths (WG) were investigated to study the influence of gate dimensions on the memory window (MW) and endurance characteristics of the FeFETs. The experimental results show the MW of FeFET increases with decreasing LG and increasing of WG due to the increased fringe effect of the metal gate electrode from parasitic fringing capacitance. Thus, in the design of FeFET, fringe effect must be considered carefully. However, no considerable impact was observed on endurance characteristics of the FeFETs as the gate dimensions were varied.