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Exploring the Potential Application of ChatGPT in Preparing for ABET Accreditation
  • Wangping Sun ,
  • Jason Yao
Wangping Sun
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Jason Yao
East Carolina University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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ABET accreditation is a rigorous and demanding process that requires substantial institutional effort when evaluating engineering and technology programs. This evaluation process comprises numerous intricate and time-consuming steps, often demanding years of prior experience. This study aims to explore the potential of artificial intelligence tools, particularly ChatGPT, in enhancing the efficiency of ABET accreditation preparation. The authors conducted a series of experiments to assess the applicability of this tool across various stages of the ABET accreditation process. These stages included comprehending ABET procedures, assisting in the compilation and editing of ABET documentation, providing proactive suggestions, conducting diagnostic reviews of the due process response, generating action plans to address accreditation deficiencies, and proposing training plans for specific ABET criteria. The outcomes of these preliminary investigations demonstrated that leveraging artificial intelligence tools can significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of ABET accreditation preparation. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that incorporating AI tools in the accreditation process raises concerns about data security, and these considerations must be duly addressed.