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A Systematic Review of Chatbot-Enabled Chronic Disease Management Interventions and mHealth
  • Jahirul Islam ,
  • Mahadi Hasan ,
  • Md Maruf Hasan
Jahirul Islam
University of South Dakota, University of South Dakota

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mahadi Hasan
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Md Maruf Hasan
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Chatbots have gained popularity as a tool for managing chronic diseases, with potential advantages such as increased accessibility, individualized care, and cost-effectiveness. This efficient audit means to assess the momentum proof on the viability of chatbot-empowered persistent infection the board intercessions. Twenty relevant studies were identified through a thorough search of multiple databases and included in this review. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and mental health issues were all included in the studies. Generally speaking, the discoveries propose that chatbot-empowered mediations can be successful in further developing wellbeing results, for example, lessening pulse levels, expanding drug adherence, and working on personal satisfaction. However, additional research is required to address the potential ethical issues associated with the utilization of chatbots in healthcare and to evaluate the long-term viability of these interventions.