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A Survey of Named Data Networking (NDN) Forwarding Strategies for Wireless Networks
  • Athisha G
Athisha G
P.S.N.A. College of Engineering and Technology,Dindigul

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Any network transfers a set of data bits. The function of a network architecture is to determine how this data is delivered. Today’s TCP/IP protocol architecture accomplishes this data transfer by a communication model which uses the names of the source and destination. Named Data Networking (NDN) is designed to network various computing devices from IoT sensors to cloud servers by naming the data bits. This architecture empowers the network to retrieve the named data by considering network, storage and computing resources in the same way as TCP/IP.NDN replaces the IP host – to – host data delivery model into a data retrieval model. Data consumers do not specify the location of the data, whereas they specify interests as desired data names. The NDN’s important features like location – independent named data, in-network caching and lightweight forwarding make it an attractive alternate solution for wireless environments. Thus this paper aims at the survey of forwarding strategies for various wireless networks