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A cost-effective IT approach to rapidly build a data platform and integrate retail applications for small and mid-size companies
  • Pan Dhoni
Pan Dhoni

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This research paper aims to address the development of a cost-effective Data Platform tailored for analytics, data science, and AI applications. While the focus of this paper lies predominantly on the retail industry, the approach presented can be applicable across various domains. The advent of cloud technology has significantly benefited small and mid-sized organizations, leading to discussions surrounding IT modernization in recent years.
Within the context of this study, we concentrate specifically on small and mid-sized retail organizations that utilize ERP, allocation, Warehouse Management, and Sell applications, both in-store and online. The Information Technology (IT) sector strives to establish a scalable data platform that caters to reporting, data science, and AI initiatives.
This research paper places special emphasis on mid-sized organizations, which often face budget constraints and stringent project timelines. Establishing an IT organization with limited resources and budget necessitates careful consideration of the available skill set.
By addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with building a cost-effective Data Platform, this research paper aims to provide valuable insights and practical guidance for organizations operating within similar contexts. The subsequent sections will delve into the methodologies, technologies, and strategies employed to achieve a scalable and efficient data platform that aligns with the specific requirements of small and mid-sized retail organizations.
More detail will be found at attached PDF.