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Lack of Human Control Over Autonomous Weapons
  • Rishi Hariharaprasad ,
  • Udhay Raja
Rishi Hariharaprasad
Louis D. Brandeis High School

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Udhay Raja
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This paper investigates the discussion on autonomous weapons, delving into the legal, ethical and practical implications of AI and military technology. We find that as the deployment of many autonomous weapons becomes increasingly prevalent, concerns regarding accountability, transparency, and compliance with international humanitarian law have escalated, leading to the question of human control. By utilizing a multi-dimensional research approach through policy reviews, case studies, and ethical examinations, this study emphasizes the necessity of establishing clear ethical frameworks, and legal regulations to guide the development, deployment, and use of autonomous weapons. The findings of this research contribute significantly to the field of AI ethics, military strategy, and international law. The key findings highlight the potential risks and ethical challenges associated with the lack of human control, providing valuable insights to policymakers, researchers, and defense experts to promote responsible AI governance and safeguard human rights in the realm of military technology.