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Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics: Harnessing Technological Advancements for Strategic Advantage
  • mayukh mukhopadhyay
mayukh mukhopadhyay
Indian Institute of Management Indore

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This collection of nine essays examine the transformational process that businesses go through as they switch from outdated legacy systems to contemporary enterprise systems, emphasizing the value and importance of these cutting-edge technologies. The complexities of replacing legacy systems are covered in the first section, along with the drawbacks and advantages of the change. The next section of the article looks at the complexity of enterprise systems, highlighting their function in using ERP solutions to streamline and improve pertinent business operations. Additionally, it explores the ecosystem of ERP vendors, putting light on both technical and non-technical artifacts that help firms choose the best vendor. These essays also clarify the purpose of data collection, handling, and exposure in the context of business analytics, highlighting the crucial part that data intelligence plays in decision-making procedures. Additionally, it examines how the field of analytical methods is changing, showcasing the most recent trends and technological advancements. The essay also examines how business functions can be combined with business analytics, showing how firms can use analytics to improve operational effectiveness and acquire strategic insights. Finally, it illustrates the various ways that business analytics are used across various industries, highlighting the potential for securing advantageous opportunities and fostering sustainable growth. Finally, these essays emphasize the significance of using technological breakthroughs to achieve a competitive edge in the dynamic business landscape by studying the synergistic interaction between Enterprise systems and Business Analytics.