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Prime Discovery A Formula Generating Primes and Their Composites
  • Budee U Zaman
Budee U Zaman

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In the pursuit of understanding the enigmatic world of prime numbers, a unique formula has been identified, which can be used to generate prime numbers, with the exception of 2 and 3. This formula is expressed as (n = positive integer, p = prime number), where, intriguingly, the output for other positive integers results in irrational numbers. This enigmatic formula not only reveals prime numbers but also unveils a peculiar pattern related to composite numbers derived from prime factors. These composite numbers, which arise as exceptions in the context of prime generation, exhibit regularity and may offer new insights into the interconnected of prime and composite numbers. This discovery promises to broaden our understanding of the intricate world of number theory and provides a fresh perspective on the nature of prime numbers. Further exploration of this formula may uncover deeper mathematical principles and unlock novel avenues in number theory research.
p =√1 + 24n