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Intelligence as a â\euro™Considered Responseâ\euro™ and the Significance of Embodiment in AGI
  • Budee U Zaman
Budee U Zaman

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper introduces and explores the notion of intelligence as a â\euro™considered responseâ\euro™ phenomenon, shedding light on its relevance in defining and understanding human-level intelligence and its various associated facets. The concept of intelligence as a considered response offers a valuable framework for gaining clarity on essential elements of cognition and consciousness. This paper delves into its implications on the mind, self/I, awareness, self-awareness, consciousness, sentience, thoughts and feelings, free will, perception, attention, cognition, expectation, prediction, and learning. Furthermore, the paper argues that embodiment plays a pivotal role in the architecture of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Embodiment is proposed as an essential component for AGI to attain grounded cognition, develop a sense of self, and facilitate social learning. This achievement is made possible through direct physical experiences and mental processes, all rooted in the concept of â\euro™considered response.â\euro™ By adopting the â\euro™considered responseâ\euro™ framework, this paper provides a comprehensive perspective on intelligence and its multifaceted dimensions. It offers insights that can contribute to the development of more sophisticated AGI systems and deepen our understanding of human intelligence, paving the way for a more profound exploration of the intersection between artificial and human cognition.