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Data Communication and Networking: Challenges and Solutions
  • Nurhazwani Zaidi ,
  • Mohammad Hafiz Mohd Yusof
Nurhazwani Zaidi
UiTM Perak Cawangan Tapah

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mohammad Hafiz Mohd Yusof
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Three main challenges in Data Communication and Networking
Modern information systems rely heavily on data communication and networking to effectively transmit and exchange data across a variety of devices and networks. However, there are several issues in this area that limit network performance and the smooth flow of data. This review paper explores the key challenges encountered in data communication and networking and discusses potential solutions to address these issues. This report offers insights into the present status of research and shows the ongoing attempts to address these difficulties through an analysis of relevant articles and journals. The results of this review can help for better understanding the complicated world of data networking and communication, which will support the creation of reliable and effective communication systems.