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An Interpolation-based Method for Numerical Simulation of Digital Controllers in Power System Dynamic Studies
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  • Mehran Jafari ,
  • Gautier Bureau ,
  • Marco Chiaramello ,
  • Adrien Guironnet ,
  • Patrick Panciatici ,
  • Petros Aristidou
Mehran Jafari
Cyprus University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Gautier Bureau
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Marco Chiaramello
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Adrien Guironnet
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Patrick Panciatici
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Petros Aristidou
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In recent years, the number of digital controllers employed in electric power systems has increased drastically. Either from the modernization of existing analog ones or the introduction of new, data-driven, or optimization-based controllers, they are now dominating the behavior of power systems. However, this introduces a challenge in the simulation and analysis of power systems dynamics as the existing numerical simulation methods are very time-consuming when tackling hybrid differential-algebraic systems. In this paper, a novel interpolation-based method is proposed for handling discrete time events in the numerical simulation of hybrid systems. This method allows to fully exploit the potential of variable time-step integration methods without requiring a time-step reduction in the case of discrete events. Therefore, it accelerates the numerical simulation of large-scale systems containing many digital controllers, which would be necessary for the near future.