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Opacity of Parametric Discrete Event Systems: Models, Decidability, and Algorithms
  • weilin deng ,
  • daowen qiu ,
  • jingkai yang
weilin deng
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daowen qiu
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jingkai yang
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Finite automata (FAs) model is a popular tool to characterize discrete event systems (DESs) due to its succinctness. However, for some complex systems, it is difficult to describe the necessary details by means of FAs model. In this paper, we consider a kind of extended finite automata (EFAs) in which each transition carries a redicate over state and event parameters. We also consider a type of simplified EFAs, called Event-Parameters EFAs (EP-EFAs), where the state parameters are removed. Based upon these two parametric models, we investigate the problem of opacity analysis for parametric DESs. First of all, it is shown that EFAs model is more expressive than EP-EFAs model. Secondly, it is proved that the opacity properties for EFAs are undecidable in general. Moreover, the decidable opacity properties for EPEFAs are investigated. We present the verification algorithms for current-state opacity, initial-state opacity and infinite-step opacity, and then discuss the complexity. This paper establishes a preliminary theory for the opacity of parametric DESs, which lays a foundation for the opacity analysis of complex systems.