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Integrated Electrical System Based AD5933 Impedance analyzer: Towards Multi-Selective Detection of Complex Gas Mixtures
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  • Louis routier ,
  • Alexandre westrelin ,
  • Anthyme cerveaux ,
  • Gaël Louis ,
  • Thomas Holach ,
  • Pierre Foulon ,
  • Kamal Lmimouni ,
  • Sébastien Pecqueur ,
  • Bilel Hafsi
Louis routier
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Alexandre westrelin
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Anthyme cerveaux
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Gaël Louis
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Thomas Holach
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Pierre Foulon
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Kamal Lmimouni
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Sébastien Pecqueur
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Bilel Hafsi
ICAM School engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this work, we present the development of miniaturized, multiplexed, and connected platform for impedance spectroscopy. Designed for online measurements and adapted to wireless network architectures, our platform has been tested and optimized to be used for multi-selective chemical organic sensor nodes. Our designed circuit is built from low cost and low power consumption microelectronics components that achieve long duration operability without compromising on sensor measurement accuracy and precision. We used the well-known impedance network analyzer AD5933 (Analog Devices, Norwood, MA, USA) chip which can measure a spectrum of impedances in the range 5 Hz to 100 kHz. The proposed system is based on ESP32-C3 Microcontroller to manage the AD5933 through its I2C interface and two multiplexer components CD74HC4067 used for calibration process and data feedback. Our platform is able to interface up to 15 conductimetric sensors with real time acquisition (less than 90 ms per acquisition) and the possibility to relay the information through the network for data analysis and storage. The paper describes the microelectronics design, the impedance response over time, the measurement’s sensitivity and accuracy and the testing of the platform with embedded chemical sensors for environmental classification and recognition.