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R3−Rescale, Rotate and Randomize: A Novel Image Cryptosystem Utilizing Chaotic and Hyperchaotic Systems
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  • Mohamed Gabr ,
  • Yousef Korayem ,
  • Yen-Lin Chen ,
  • Lip Yee Por ,
  • Chin Soon Ku ,
  • Wassim Alexan
Mohamed Gabr
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Yousef Korayem
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Yen-Lin Chen
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Lip Yee Por
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Chin Soon Ku
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Wassim Alexan
German University in Cairo (GUC)

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This work proposes a novel image encryption algorithm that combines unique image transformation techniques with the principles of chaotic and hyperchaotic systems. The proposed algorithm performs rescaling, rotation, and randomization on the target image by exploiting the unpredictable behavior of the Chua system and the hyperchaotic nature of the Chen system. These chaotic systems’ unpredictability and sensitivity to initial conditions are utilized to create an encryption algorithm that provides an extensive key space of 2^(5208), contributing to its robustness against brute-force attacks and amplifying its overall security. The efficiency of the algorithm is demonstrated in its computational speed and minimal resource consumption, making it practical for real-time applications. A series of rigorous tests and analyses were conducted to evaluate the algorithm’s performance, substantiating its capability to withstand a wide array of attacks, including differential attacks, statistical attacks, and brute-force attacks. With its vast key space, high efficiency, and robust resistance to attacks, the proposed algorithm shows potential as a vital tool for securing digital images in various applications, such as secure communication, data storage, and multimedia transmission. This research contributes to the ongoing development and evolution of high-security image encryption methodologies, meeting the escalating demand for advanced security in the digital information era.