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Conceptual Scaling of RDFS Ontologies
  • Jens Kötters ,
  • Peter Eklund ,
  • Stefan E. Schmidt
Jens Kötters
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Peter Eklund
deakin university

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Stefan E. Schmidt
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Conceptual scaling is a method, developed in the framework of Formal Concept Analysis (FCA), that transforms a many-valued context (a collection of objects, described by attributes with values, such as name, size or color) into a formal context (a binary schema from which formal concepts are derived). Relational scaling extends conceptual scaling, by taking relations between objects into account. Previous work applies relational scaling to a relational database, transforming the relational database into a relational structure. Relational structures play the role of formal contexts in a relational variant of FCA. In this paper, we present a similar approach, which applies relational scaling to RDFS ontologies.