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RADAR-IoT: An open-source, interoperable and extensible IoT gateway framework for healthcare and beyond
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  • Yatharth Ranjan ,
  • Jiangeng Chang ,
  • Heet Sankesara ,
  • Pauline Conde ,
  • Zulqarnain Rashid ,
  • Shaoxiong Sun ,
  • Richard JB Dobson ,
  • Amos Folarin
Yatharth Ranjan
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Jiangeng Chang
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Heet Sankesara
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Pauline Conde
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Zulqarnain Rashid
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Shaoxiong Sun
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Richard JB Dobson
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Amos Folarin
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IoT sensors offer a wide range of sensing capabilities, many of which have the potential for health or medical applications. Existing solutions for IoT in healthcare have notable limitations, such as limited I/O protocols, limited cloud platform support, and limited extensibility. Therefore, the development of an open-source Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) gateway solution that addresses these limitations and provides reliability, broad applicability, and utility would be highly desirable. Combining a wide range of sensor data streams from IoT devices with ambulatory mHealth data would open the potential for providing a detailed 360-degree view of the relationship between patient physiology, behaviour, and environment. To harness this potential, RADAR-IoT has been developed as an open-source IoT gateway framework. Its purpose is to connect multiple IoT devices at the edge, perform on-device data analysis, and integrate with cloudbased mobile health platforms such as RADAR-base, enabling real-time data processing.