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Virtual Power-Based Technique for Enhancing the Large Voltage Disturbance Stability of HV Grid-Forming Converters
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  • Yorgo Laba ,
  • Antoine Bruyère ,
  • Frédéric Colas ,
  • Xavier Guillaud
Yorgo Laba
Centrale Lille Institut

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Antoine Bruyère
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Frédéric Colas
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Xavier Guillaud
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Grid-forming control plays an essential role in the modernization of HV electrical transmission grids, particularly in mitigating challenges imposed by large voltage disturbances. In this context, the concept of virtual power has gained prominence as a potential approach that improves stability following such disturbances. This paper illustrates the use of virtual power method in enhancing the large disturbance stability given by the grid-forming control. An adaptive virtual impedance is also proposed to further improve system dynamics. The methods are evaluated through large disturbance stability analysis and time-domain simulations.