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Influence of the Self-Interference Channel Model on the Performance of a Full-Duplex MIMO System
  • Xuan Chen ,
  • Vincent Savaux ,
  • Patrick Savelli
Xuan Chen

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Vincent Savaux
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Patrick Savelli
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In this paper, we study the behavior of a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) full-duplex (FD) system according to two different models of the self-interference (SI) channel  inherent to the FD communication strategy: the spherical wave model (SWM) and the planar wave model (PWM). More precisely, we evaluate the received SI power at the receiver antenna array by changing the relative geometrical position of the transmitter antenna array in respect to the latter. Our study shows a significant difference between the two models. In particular we theoretically show as well as through simulation that the SWM for the SI channel is more precise than the PWM, and should then be considered for practical applications of the FD concept.