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Automated Railway Crossing System: A Secure and Resilient Approach
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  • Aditi Golder ,
  • Debashis Gupta ,
  • Saumendu Roy ,
  • Md. Abdullah Al Ahasan ,
  • Mohd Ariful haque
Aditi Golder
Jahangirnagar University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Debashis Gupta
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Saumendu Roy
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Md. Abdullah Al Ahasan
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Mohd Ariful haque
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In today's world, the railway has emerged as a shining example of an environmentally friendly and well-linked mode of transportation, particularly in significant metropolises worldwide. Its popularity stems from its widespread use and its inherent comfort to commuters. A key aspect that bolsters this appeal is the railway network's well-earned reputation for being the safest and most efficient transportation system. However, railway crossings remain perilous, challenging traffic control and safety. To address this concern, we propose an innovative and automated railway crossing system that promises to revolutionize how we approach railway safety. Our automated railway crossing system encompasses multiple essential features to ensure unparalleled safety and efficiency. First and foremost, the heart of this system lies in its automatic control of the railway crossing gates. By removing the need for manual operation, the potential for human errors is significantly reduced, providing commuters with an added layer of assurance during their journeys. In addition, our system boasts an advanced warning mechanism designed to alert approaching traffic well before the gate closure. This crucial feature enhances the safety of vehicular traffic and pedestrians by giving them ample time to prepare for the crossing. A clear and user-friendly LCD display serves as the medium for this alert system, making it intuitive and visually accessible to all users. Understanding the value of commuters' time, we have also integrated a real-time counter into the system. This counter keeps track of the estimated waiting time, empowering commuters to know when they can expect the gates to open again. With this feature, we strive to minimize inconvenience and optimize the efficiency of railway crossings. In our relentless pursuit of safety, we have taken it further by incorporating innovative anti-collision and line-breaking technology. By actively detecting potential collisions and disruptions, our system acts as a vigilant guardian, thwarting accidents and safeguarding lives.