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  • Ronak Ravjibhai Pansara
Ronak Ravjibhai Pansara

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As organizations are growing, the same also happens to the quantity of their data and the complexity of storing them. This has called for the need for a system that assures organizations of data correctness, accuracy, and consistency, master data management. Master data management possesses numerous benefits and challenges to organizations.
The purpose of this study is to identify the numerous pros and cons of master data management in business organizations.
B. Design
This study is a literature review of the existing sources from different databases: google scholar, google search, science direct, IET Electronic Library, SciFinder-n, and so much more.
C. Findings
This study identified numerous pros and cons associated with implementing and using master data management in an organization from the numerous sources used. The pros include elimination of redundancy, effective data editing, improving quality of data, speed of launching new products, and easy backup. On the other hand, the cons include lack of stakeholder engagement, the input of irrelevant information, lack of effective data management, and getting appropriate tooling.
The MDM is the epitome of industry’s best practices all over the globe. It is a system that allows the implementation of diverse applications, platforms, and architectures.