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A Simplified and Comprehensive Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) for Multilevel Inverters
  • Amir Ostadrahimi
Amir Ostadrahimi
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Despite numerous advantages of space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) methods, their implementation on multilevel inverters (MLI) is onerous. Due to the ever-increasing use of MLIs in power electronic applications, it is essential to implement efficient modulation procedures aiming to keep control sampling periods sufficiently short. This paper proposes a straightforward SVPWM Strategy, which uses algebraic functions throughout the procedure and avoids using hardware-consuming trigonometric functions. Look-up tables and region detection are no more necessary. It also generates switching states automatically, without requiring any data in advance. As another simplification, the proposed SVPWM is only designed for the first sector, instead of six sectors of the space vector modulation (SVM) plane. This simplification is done via transferring and translating techniques. Regardless of the number of voltage levels, the proposed SVPWM strategy is comprehensively applicable to any n-level three-phase inverters, without any major modification. Simulation and experimental results attest to the authenticity and effectiveness of the proposed SVPWM.  As the supplementary materials of this research, MATLAB simulation files are provided together with the manuscript.