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An Algorithm for Constructing Random Inverses of Non-Square Matrices Across Arbitrary Fields
  • Farshid Haidary Makoui ,
  • Aaron Gulliver ,
  • Mohammad Dakhilalian
Farshid Haidary Makoui
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Aaron Gulliver
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Mohammad Dakhilalian
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In the realm of linear algebra, the notion of matrix inversion plays a crucial role. While the inversion of square matrices is well-known and results in a unique inverse, however, the non-square inverse matrice is not unique and in fact, the number of inverses for a non-square matrix can be as vast as q^m(n−m), where q signifies the order of the underlying field. In this paper, we embark on a journey to construct these elusive inverse matrices, harnessing the power of arbitrary fields. Arbitrary fields, including prime fields, finite fields, real fields, and complex fields. These fields find practical applications that are essential to contemporary technology. I have written 5 MATLAB programs that able to construct random inverses in different fields based on the given algorithm.