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Designing a Dual-Polarization Electro-optic Modulator using Exceptional Point in a Plasmonic Waveguide with ITO
  • Ranjeet Dwivedi
Ranjeet Dwivedi
ENSEMBLE3 Centre of Excellence

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Incorporating transparent conducting oxides as the  active layer in waveguide-based modulators offers a pathway to reducing device footprint. However, the performance of such  modulators is significantly influenced by the polarization state of  the input light. This stems from the distinct interaction of the  modal field with the active layer for transverse electric (TE) and  transverse magnetic (TM) polarizations, particularly in the  epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) region. We introduce a novel design for  a compact electro-optic modulator that functions effectively with  both TE and TM polarizations within the optical communication wavelength range.