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AdjKMCIF: An R package for estimating the covariate-adjusted Kaplan-Meier and cumulative incidence functions
  • Biwei Cao ,
  • Jongphil Kim
Biwei Cao
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jongphil Kim
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In observational studies where the compared groups may be imbalanced in  terms of significant prognostic factors related to time-to-event  outcomes, traditional methods like the Kaplan-Meier (KM) function might  not align with multivariable regression models. To address this, we  introduce a new R package, “AdjKMCIF”, and a corresponding R shiny  application. This tool allows for the estimation of covariate-adjusted  KM functions and CIFs using the Cox and Fine-Gray regression models. The  package also integrates the Gail and Byar method, the Storer method for  stratified models, and the bootstrap method for confidence interval  estimation.