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HiL Platform for dq Impedance Measurement of High-frequency AC Electrical Power Distribution Systems
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  • Qilin PENG ,
  • Jiajun Yang ,
  • sandro guenter ,
  • Giampaolo Buticchi ,
  • Nadia Tan ,
  • Zezhen Lin ,
  • Patrick Wheeler
Qilin PENG
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Jiajun Yang
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sandro guenter
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Giampaolo Buticchi
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Nadia Tan
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Zezhen Lin
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Patrick Wheeler
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In modern Electrical Power Distribution System (EPDS), power electronics devices are gaining more prominence. Three-phase ac/dc converters provide a fully-controlled interface between the onboard ac and dc electrical equipment. In the context of utility ac electrical power systems, impedance-based stability analysis under Synchronous Reference Frame (SRF), or dq impedance has been established as a powerful tool to evaluate stability and optimize control design. However, precise measurement of the dq impedance is challenging in practice especially for high-capacity or high ac fundamental frequency systems. In this paper, a hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) platform is proposed for measuring dq impedance. An aircraft ac EPDS bus is built with a grid forming (GFM) converter and an active front end (AFE) converter to verify the proposed scheme. A comparison is made between the HiL measurement results, the experimental results and the analytical model, validating that dq-impedance measurement with the proposed setup provides a precise and efficient solution that obviates the need for complete hardware experiments.