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Implementation of Linear Modulation Schemes using Field Programmable Analog Arrays
  • Ashish Ranjan Shadangi ,
  • Ananya Dastidar
Ashish Ranjan Shadangi
IIT Kharagpur

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ananya Dastidar
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This study uses cutting-edge Field Programmable Analog Arrays (FPAA) technology to demonstrate the implemen- tation of linear modulations such as Double Sideband (DSB), Double Sideband with Suppressed Carrier (DSB-SC), and Single Sideband (SSB). The majority of the problems encountered when utilizing the DCS kit are avoided, thanks to the inclusion of FPAA. Double sideband modulation techniques for developing analog RF transmission systems have been used to create the FPAA circuits. The suggested solution enables reconstructing the analog conditioning step using an FPAA device, which may be tailored to the electrical characteristics and signal shape requirements. The multiplier is used to execute the DSB, DSB-SC Modulation, SSB Modulation, and Demodulation for a sinusoidal carrier signal. The structuresâ\euro™ functional components are created using the customizable analog modules (CAMs) of the FPAAs AN231E04 and AN220E04 from Anadigm designer2. The findings of the simulations and experiments are in good accord with the theoretical forecasts. An intriguing and promising proposal to implement the DSB, DSB-SC technology is disclosed and is based on the customizable analog blocks (CABs) architecture and Anadigm Designer2 software. The AN231E04 board, a creation of Anadigm Inc., is used to actually construct and verify the system.