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Channel Modeling and Characterization of Access, D2D and Backhaul Links in a Corridor Environment at 300 GHz
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  • Riku Takahashi,
  • Anirban Ghosh,
  • Minghe Mao,
  • Minseok Kim
Riku Takahashi
Anirban Ghosh
Minghe Mao
Minseok Kim

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this paper, comprehensive double-directional channel measurements at 300 GHz in various usage scenarios in corridor environments, such as Access, Device-to-device (D2D), and Backhaul over 40 different receiver (Rx) positions using an in-house developed channel sounder, are presented. The measurement results are analyzed and validated by ray tracing (RT) simulation. The quasi-optical propagation properties at 300 GHz make an accurate estimation of relatively simple propagation in a corridor environment possible by using ray optics theory. However, even though non-trivial quadruple-bounce specular reflection paths can be identified in both scenarios, propagation phenomena other than reflection exist irrespective of the Rx positions. Thus, to model the propagation mechanism appropriately, a quasi-deterministic (QD) channel model comprising deterministic and random components is also proposed. The results generated using the proposed model are found to agree well with our prior observations and measurement results. Finally, the paper concludes by characterizing and comparing the channel for all the investigated scenarios in terms of path loss (PL) and large-scale parameters (LSP). On analyzing the measurement results using synthesized power spectra, proposed QD model, and evaluated PL and LSP it is observed that the Access and D2D scenarios share almost similar propagation mechanisms. Furthermore, in the Access and Backhaul scenario the LoS is observed to be affected by the unresolvable ceiling-reflected components. This study, across three different scenarios, can aid the design of next-generation communication systems operating in the THz spectrum.
19 Feb 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
20 Feb 2024Published in TechRxiv