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Impedance-based biomechanical method for robust inverse kinematics from noisy data
  • Matthew Yough ,
  • Serhii Bahdasariants ,
  • Valeriya Gritsenko
Matthew Yough
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Serhii Bahdasariants
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Valeriya Gritsenko
West Virginia University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper presents a novel method for solving the inverse kinematic problem of capturing human reaching movements using a dynamic biomechanical model. The model consists of rigid segments connected by joints and actuated by markers. The method was validated against a rotation matrix-based method using motion capture data recorded during reaching movements performed by healthy human volunteers. The results showed that the proposed method achieved low errors in joint angles. The angles were comparable to those calculated using the standard marker-based method. The proposed bioinspired method can be used in real-time medical applications, such as rehabilitation, assessment, and prosthesis/orthosis control.