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AI - Assisted Learning for NVIDIA SDKs and Toolkits
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  • Sujith Sai Kalakonda ,
  • Chaitanya Srikanth ,
  • Gondimalla Veera Deepesh ,
  • Sreevaatsav Bavana ,
  • Bodla Krishna Vamshi
Sujith Sai Kalakonda
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Chaitanya Srikanth
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Gondimalla Veera Deepesh
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Sreevaatsav Bavana
Mahindra University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Bodla Krishna Vamshi
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This paper introduces an AI-driven language model (LLM) designed to facilitate users’ comprehension and adept usage of different NVIDIA SDKs (Software Development Kits) and toolkits. The central goal is to provide a LLM which establishes an interactive and intuitive platform that offers inclusive insights, practical illustrations, and expert direction on NVIDIA’s diverse SDKs and toolkits. Harnessing the capabilities of language models and NVIDIA’s toolkits, this study strives to streamline devel- opers’ learning process, enabling them to harness NVIDIA’s technological advancements with enhanced proficiency.