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A Parallel Feature-preserving Mesh Variable Offsetting Method with Dynamic Programming
  • Hongyi Cao
Hongyi Cao
Hangzhou Dianzi University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mesh offsetting plays an important role in discrete geometric processing. In this paper, we propose a parallel feature-preserving mesh offsetting framework with variable distance. Different from the traditional method based on distance and normal vector, a new calculation of offset position is proposed by using dynamic programming and quadratic programming, and the sharp feature can be preserved after offsetting. Instead of distance implicit field, a spatial coverage region represented by polyhedral for computing offsets is proposed. Our method can generate an offsetting model with smaller mesh size, and also can achieve high quality without gaps, holes, and self-intersections. Moreover, several acceleration techniques are proposed for the efficient mesh offsetting, such as the parallel computing with grid, AABB tree and rays computing. In order to show the efficiency and robustness of the proposed framework, we have tested our method on the quadmesh dataset, which is available at [https://www.quadmesh.cloud].
The source code of the proposed algorithm is available on GitHub at [https://github.com/rainbowwing/PFPOffset].