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RFID-Based Fruit Monitoring and Orchard Management System
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  • B M H Imdaad ,
  • S I Jayalath ,
  • P C G Mahiepala ,
  • T Sampath ,
  • Sudath Munasinghe
B M H Imdaad
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S I Jayalath
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P C G Mahiepala
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T Sampath
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Sudath Munasinghe
University of Moratuwa

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This research presents an efficient fruit monitoring and orchard management system using RFIP (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology. The new method is expected to replace the existing paper-based manual process. Each tree is attached with a DFID tag, and each fruit, mango in this research is attached with a RFID tag as well. An RFID reader was developed for scanning the RFID tags and sending the treefruit group data to a cloud database. The cloud server runs the process and inventory management. The RFID reader is multi-functional and it is used by the workers in carrying out tasks such as covering fruits with protective bags at the early stage, spraying, and plucking. In the cloud-based management system, the workers are efficiently assigned to these tasks. Each worker has a field device that shows the assigned tasks. When the tasks are accomplished, the status is updated in the cloud database. Using this system, each fruit is monitored from the initial covering state to the final plucking state including timely spraying of agro-chemicals.