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DC converter (M2DC) for HVDC grid
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  • Ghazala Shafique ,
  • Johan boukhenfouf ,
  • Francois Gruson ,
  • Shabab Samimi ,
  • Philippe Delarue ,
  • Philippe Le Moigne ,
  • Frédéric Colas ,
  • Michael Merlin ,
  • Xavier Guillaud
Ghazala Shafique
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Johan boukhenfouf
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Francois Gruson
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Shabab Samimi
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Philippe Delarue
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Philippe Le Moigne
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Frédéric Colas
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Michael Merlin
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Xavier Guillaud
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The Modular Multi-Level DC-DC Converter (M2DC) is an attractive non-isolated DC-DC converter topology for HVDC grid. In order to carry out MTDC grid stability studies, the development of reduce order models of converters is necessary. This article first presents the M2DC converter. Then, the reduce order model will be developed in the second part. The development of the control of this model will be carried out in the third part. Atlast, the comparison of the reduce order model and its control with the average arm model will be performed in the later section of the paper.