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Benefits and Risks of Utilizing Mobile Technology for Streamlining Logistics Operations and Enhancing the Efficiency of Supply Chain Management in Developing Economies
  • Crispus Musingura ,
  • Gunwoo Lee
Crispus Musingura

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Gunwoo Lee


In developing economies, logistics inefficiencies impede supply chain operations, leading to increased costs and hampering economic growth. This article investigates the pivotal role of mobile technology in optimizing logistics and enhancing Supply Chain Management (SCM), with a specific focus on Uganda. It delves into the landscape of mobile technology utilization, addressing the benefits and associated risks within logistics operations, encompassing storage, transportation, and management. The evolving concept of SCM is discussed, emphasizing its strategic significance in improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. The article systematically examines the advantages of integrating mobile technology into logistics operations, emphasizing improved collaboration, enhanced supply chain performance, resilience to disruptions, and advancements in service quality and global competitiveness. Practical insights from Uganda illustrate the application of mobile technology in the local context. However, integration introduces risks, including cybersecurity vulnerabilities, technological dependencies, and integration challenges. The paper recommends proactive measures, such as robust security protocols and contingency plans, to mitigate risks and ensure effective integration. This article targets policymakers, industry professionals, and researchers. It provides valuable insights into strategically employing mobile technology for enhanced logistics operations and SCM in developing economies, emphasizing its transformative potential in fostering efficient, resilient, and competitive supply chain ecosystems.
17 Dec 2023Submitted to TechRxiv
22 Dec 2023Published in TechRxiv