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Broadband Untuned Active Cancellation and Phase Correction of Direct Feedthrough Interference Enables 100-fold Improved Magnetic Particle Imaging Detection
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  • Quincy Huynh ,
  • Owen Doyle ,
  • Kelvin Guo ,
  • Arvind Swamynathan ,
  • Leo Huang ,
  • Justin Garlepp ,
  • Nessia Dambal ,
  • Jacob Bryan ,
  • Syahrul Ramdani ,
  • Chinmoy Saayujya ,
  • Barry KL Fung ,
  • Yao Lu ,
  • Benjamin Fellows ,
  • Olivia Sehl ,
  • Steven Conolly
Quincy Huynh
University of California, University of California

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Owen Doyle
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Kelvin Guo
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Arvind Swamynathan
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Leo Huang
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Justin Garlepp
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Nessia Dambal
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Jacob Bryan
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Syahrul Ramdani
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Chinmoy Saayujya
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Barry KL Fung
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Benjamin Fellows
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Olivia Sehl
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Steven Conolly
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Magnetic particle imaging (MPI) is a tracer imaging modality that detects superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIOs), enabling sensitive, radiation-free imaging of cells and disease pathologies. The arbitrary waveform relaxometer (AWR) is an indispensable platform for developing magnetic nanoparticle tracers and evaluating tracer performance for magnetic particle imaging applications. One of the biggest challenges in arbitrary waveform excitation is direct feedthrough interference, which is usually six orders of magnitude larger than the signal from magnetic nanoparticles. This work will showcase hardware that suppresses this interference by an order of magnitude, increasing the dynamic range of the instrument and enabling mass-limited detection at full scale range.