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Platforms Based Approach and Strategy for Fintech applications
  • Sourabh Sethi
Sourabh Sethi
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Digitization has changed the way and ease of doing business which affects almost everything in today’s enterprise organization. Digital Experience platforms (DXPs) are unified approach to integrate all technology stacks available in the market across every touchpoints such as Wearable devices, WEB, IVR, and Mobile etc. US Banking & Finance Industry have lot of potential to transform, digitize their banking and finance (Fintech) applications using unified approach such as DXPs. In this article, we have evaluated many digital strategy from various stakeholders in the industry. Enterprises uses various technology, tool, techniques and concepts to develop digital capabilities whereas DXPs has integrated approach to develop, implement and digitize the strategy to transform banking and finance industry. DXPs is gaining momentum & it is now used by banking & finance sector, such as Standard Bank, Citizen Bank, TP Bank etc.