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“The Contactless Badge” designed IR Thermometer Evaluating Temperature & Social Physical Distancing Fabricating the MLX90614 during Covid 19
  • Abhijeet Kumar ,
  • Arpit Kumar
Abhijeet Kumar
Bihar Bal Bhawan Kilkari, Bihar Bal Bhawan Kilkari

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Arpit Kumar
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The study ameliorates the feasibility of IR thermometer, and to introduce a novel design with upgraded applications & functions. The custom compact device (shape illustrates a “Badge”) measures the surface temperature of a body and received data processed through a microcontroller (AtMega328P). The device functions in a way that if there is any thermal change from ambient temperature (D-1 m), the mode is activated and triggers a pre-defined alert. For distance measuring, it measures the intensity of IR radiation emitted by a body from a particular direction. It also reads the temperature when it comes across a body. It will provide an optimum way in the primary healthcare instrumentation and helpful for noncontact, quick, and accurate measurement of moving and high temperature body.