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InAlN/GaN MISHEMTs with 120 nm T-Shape Recessed Gates on Silicon with Excellent mm-Wave Noise Performance
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  • Guangjie Gao ,
  • Zhihong Liu ,
  • Lu Hao ,
  • Hanghai Du ,
  • Weichuan Xing ,
  • Hong Zhou ,
  • Weihang Zhang ,
  • Xiangdong Li ,
  • Jincheng Zhang ,
  • Yue Hao
Guangjie Gao
Xidian University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Zhihong Liu
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Hanghai Du
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Weichuan Xing
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Hong Zhou
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Weihang Zhang
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Xiangdong Li
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Jincheng Zhang
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Although there has been a large amount of research focusing on the noise performance of GaN HEMTs in L-bands and Ku-bands, few studies have focused specifically on the noise performance at mm-Wave frequencies.
In this letter, the fabricated 120 nm MISHEMTs exhibited a low minimum noise figure (NFmin) of 1.3 dB with an associated gain (Ga) of 7.7 dB at 30 GHz, and NFmin of 1.7 dB and Ga of 6 dB at 40 GHz, showing the lowest values of NFmin compared with the reported GaN HEMTs with the same gate length.Â