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Enhancing Editability in Permissionless Blockchain: A Three-Chain Model for Efficiency and Ledger Consistency
  • Lin Lei ,
  • Jiao Li
Lin Lei
Xi’an Shiyou University, Xi’an Shiyou University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Blockchain technology has gained significant attention due to its decentralized, tamper-resistant, and transparent nature. However, the inherent immutability of blockchain poses challenges for certain applications. This article presents a novel three-chain model based on the chameleon hash function to address the need for editability in blockchain systems. The model includes a dedicated pool chain that provides optimal conditions for editing operations, along with composite supervision and audit strategies to ensure compliance, security, and traceability. To maintain ledger consistency, a correction chain stores audited edited blocks, while the main chain is updated accordingly. The modelâ\euro™s feasibility is validated through experimentation, showing a minimal impact on the performance of the editable main chain. Contributions of this research include clear definitions of data ownership, editing permissions, and the completion flag for editing operations on the blockchain. Furthermore, it effectively resolves conflicts between decentralized editing and editing waiting, while ensuring the ledger consistency. The proposed three-chain model offers a secure and efficient solution to enhance blockchain editability, opening up new possibilities for its application in diverse domains.