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A Review of Cockpit-driving Integration for Human-centric Autonomous Driving
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  • Zhongpan Zhu ,
  • Shuaijie Zhao ,
  • Cheng Wang ,
  • Aimin Du
Zhongpan Zhu
Tongji University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shuaijie Zhao
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Cheng Wang
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This review focuses on the integration of intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit systems. With the advancement of intelligent levels, autonomous vehicles are capable of driving in complex driving context. However, the lack of systems that consider both driver and driving scenarios information reduces the success probability of decision-making of autonomous vehicles in driving context where driver and driving scenarios information are tightly coupled during the human-vehicle cooperation stage. To solve this problem, we present the Cockpit-Driving Integration system (CDI) and review perception and decision-making algorithms for CDI systems. Additionally, to achieve human-centric autonomous vehicles, we propose that the CDI system should consider the personalized characteristics of drivers. Finally, we present a framework for CDI systemsÂ